Thank you for stoping by and reading a bit about myself. I am the finder and founder of Endless Loving. Originally coming from Germany, I am living in Bali, Indonesia. I chose Bali because I felt called to find a more peaceful state of mind and true heart connection that I couldn’t find in Germany. I have found a new place for re-defining myself. It feels like Bali is a predestined place to do that – not only for me. Another reason to be here is that I love the climate and the nature in Asia so much. It is always green and there is no cold winter time … just a lot of sun and blue sky.

Bali is full of amazingly creative and inspired people. Especially Ubud, where I stay, is a hub for a community of spiritual and artistic beings from all over the world.

I have found an interesting and inspiring culture full of good-hearted and creative people. I have found friendship with Balinese people and other wonderful people from all around the world. It is simply amazing to be here – in this life, in this moment!

For me it is all about living my true potential and connecting to the divine nature in each and every one of us by allowing transformation, growth and harmony to happen. I am learning to be in balance and in harmony with who I am and to share infinite love and creativity.

I love to share my knowledge and expertise. In order to create a beautiful life I choosed to work only with people who’s work/products/visions/ideas make a difference to this planet and the people on it. I only want to connect with whom I feel inspired to co-create.

Feel free to contact me if you feel called to and if you want to share something with me.