This is the website of Endless Loving. It is made for your inspiration and as a showcase for products & services. If you like to learn more about Endless Loving, what it means, what it has to offer and who and what is behind it, than just take a closer look at this website.

Web Design

Do you want your website to be made with love? I have created websites since 1999. I am passionate to realize websites that need a creative mind, great concept, beautiful design and a solid technical foundation.

Corporate Design

I have created many logos and print media for companies & individuals since 2002, when I started working as a freelancer. I can make your dream visible and you can make your dreams come true.

Graphic Design

One of my passions is designing. If you are looking for somebody skilled who can create your graphics with spirit and in harmony with who you are, than go ahead and read more about my services.


This is my playground. I like to play… and I can be seriously creative as well and not only because I am German! ;) This gallery will show you more about my artistic side and creative potential.