It is a reminder that Love is an always existing, always available source of unifying strength. 
Endless Loving is simply Love without end.

This simplicity offers us a challenge. We may believe that Love is limited, yet this is only because we limit ourselves by believing in that limitation. There is never enough Love for us until we find it in our self.

In our idea about romantic relationship we may experience Love (as a quantity) to be consumed.
As a projection (idea) of the mind Love seems to arise then fade away, because there is no lasting connection to our heart. This idea of Love is overshadowed by fear.

This begins with our self. It is not about understanding but about emotions. It is about getting connected to our radiant potential – with the love within and for our self. When we deeply connect with our true Being then a loving connection is born. Our heart is the potential infinite space from which this Love evolves and unfolds.

Love can be shared with everybody and with every thing – it is actually an innate life-long connection with the world. It just needs to be remembered. Love links our inner self with the creation outside of our self.

This true strength is the purest force in our life and it is a fundamental healing potential within each of us.

As the finder (founder) of Endless Loving I experience Love as a natural, ever-lasting resource that can be enjoyed in infinite ways.