Why Every Chiropractor Needs a Google My Business Profile

Why Every Chiropractor Needs a Google My Business Profile

Most chiropractors are aware of the significant impact Google has on their business. When it comes to marketing strategy and attracting new clients, chiropractors have to face both good and bad news. On one side, there are lots of competition on the market, struggling to acquire a part of the growing chiropractic industry. When you search for the chiropractic service near you, you will probably come up with dozens or hundreds of similar businesses who are fighting for the same patients in order to grow their business successfully.

On the other side, Google offers many tools and methods you can use in order to rank better in its query. And while some of them can be quite expensive if you do not know how to use them, or are too complex to understand without the SEO expert, there is one feature you can establish today, that will boost your online presence almost immediately.

Google My Business listing became important in the past few years due to the fact Google has made local searching a priority when it comes to providing search results. It is a free tool a business can use to manage its map listing on Google. Optimized listing in Google My Business page can turn your business into a useful and relevant source of chiropractic services. Those qualities will not be overlooked by the Google algorithm, and soon you will start to receive higher PPC, lower bounce rate, and a longer list of new clients, ready to name you as number one chiropractor in their community.

How does Google My Business help your local chiropractic business?

  • You appear on Google Maps, which means you will show up on the map when someones search for the chiropractic service near them.
  • There is a higher chance you end up in the ‘’local 3 pack’’, which are the top three listings for the category of business you are working in.
  • You will receive more online reviews and references that will help your business to be recognized as high-quality, cost-effective and beneficial for health and well-being.
  • It provides everything a client wants to know about your business, like name, location, phone, website, office hours, and even photos. Clients become frustrated when they cannot find how to reach you, and they are most likely to go to your competition if you are missing some of these contact details.

Studies show that having established a Google My Business page, you are increasing your company’s visibility by almost 30%. You are also turning more than 60% of online visitors into leads. Last but not least, you are improving the engagement with your current and potential clients by almost 50%.

Still, if you do not set Coolsculpting Google My Business properly, you could do more damage to your business than not having it. Impact Chiropractic Marketing has years of experience in creating and managing Google My Business page for many individuals and companies who want to skyrocket their business to the next level. Contact us with trust!

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